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BILLIONAIRE - Print - The Longevity Issue (#36)

BILLIONAIRE - Print - The Longevity Issue (#36)

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In this issue of Billionaire, we look at the differing approaches of biohackers such as Bryan Johnson, Dan Buettner, Simon Ong, Dr Peter Attia, Julie Gibson Clark and Ben Greenfield. 

On the quest for filling our Earthly cup with transcendent memories, we explore timeless travel destinations — Australia’s Kangaroo Island, Richard Branson’s Mahali Mzuri reserve in Kenya, and the slowest scenic journey through the Swiss Alps aboard the Glacier Express — Express being a little ironic in this instance. 

Longevity has us thinking about our 'bucket list meal', so we sit down with the CEO of the Michelin Guides, as well as dining at two of the most-loved Michelin-starred restaurants in its birthplace of France.  

Finally, to tackle the elephant in the room: why live longer if the planet is dying? We take a deep dive into the importance of regenerative agriculture and the soil and speak to two billionaire philanthropists using their means to improve the outcome for future generations.

A way to achieve a sort of immortality, for sure.  



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